The story behind ‘Easy’ and Atypical

BlogMarch 7, 2022

Easy is a song that I wrote about the fictional couple Casey and Izzie, from the Netflix show Atypical. Everything about the experience was totally surreal.

The first line I wrote was: I’m so damn cold but you make me melt, I can’t help it.

Izzie was a bitch when she first met Casey. She was cold and mean. So I decided to start the song with the way she was in the beginning. Casey eventually got her walls to break down so I juxtaposed that with the word melt, staying with that concept of temperature.

At first I wrote the lyrics a little too literal, more as actions rather than feelings, and referencing different scenes they had together. That felt too detached and disingenuous somehow. I wanted to make it something real and somehow incorporate some of how seeing and watching them made me feel – as if it could’ve been a story from my life.

Long nights by your side, trying to hide, fingers intertwined.

I wrote that as the second verse originally and reading it now makes me physically cringe. It’s cliche and the rhyme scheme is unoriginal and predictable. Instead I mirrored the first verse, but made it slightly more intimate to show the development of their relationship and Izzie’s romantic feelings for Casey.

Wish I could shake all the ways that you make me break.
Can’t feel this way, I know it’s a mistake to stay.

I built the song around the lines from the show, “I know I’m not easy.  I’m not looking for easy” – said by Izzie and Casey, respectively. They’re such iconic lines and sum up their relationship and story so well, so I used them as inspiration for the chorus.

You make it so hard for me to be easy.

Again I didn’t want it to be too obvious or literal so I changed the words around, keeping that same meaning, just enough that if someone who was a fan of the show heard it, they would pick it up and smile, like an easter egg.

And fans of the show did indeed hear the song… as well as everyone on the show, hehe 🙂 Because, after it was finished I dmed the song to executive producer Mary Rohlich on Instagram – because why the hell not!?! I told her that I wrote the song inspired by Casey and Izzie and sent her a link. A day later she liked the message and responded with “love it.” I was super happy she listened to it and liked it, but I figured that would be the last of it. Many months later, a year after I wrote the song, I got an email from a music sync publishing group reaching out about using the song in “a Netflix show.” Turns out it was… Atypical. Mary loved the song so much she actually passed it on to the music sync department. When I dmed her the song I really had no expectations at all, and definitely didn’t expect it to land in the show. (Although I did sleep with a sheet of paper under my pillow for months where I had written “Easy will be on Atypical” over and over.)

Yeah, I guess I manifested that shit 😉